Sunday, February 6, 2011

Welcome to TEJA Kids!

Welcome to TEJA Kids' blog! My business was formerly Kids Crafty Creations and after much thought, I decided to change my business name. I have spent the past week transfering my store inventory, starting up my new FB page, and new blog. I still am needing to update my banner but that will come.

So you ask, what is TEJA? I have 4 kids of my own. Each initial in TEJA represents one of my special children. If my children were not in my life, TEJA wouldn't be around either. All my items in my store have come about because of them. There have been many time when I was not satisfied with commercial items I bought or used with my children. I would then spend time creating something that worked for me and my kids! So my kids are my inspiration.

You are welcome to check out TEJA and see what my kids have helped me create! I have infant car seat covers, sundresses, diaper bags, super cute burp cloths, and knit hats just to name a few things in my inventory. All things are handmade by me!

Thank you!


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