Wednesday, February 29, 2012

18" Doll Sundresses

I have doll sundresses I would like to share with you! These dresses fit any 18" doll that is similar in size to an American Girl Doll or an Our Generation Doll.

Hawaiian Sundress created by a Liberty Jane Pattern.

This sundress has a gathered skirt and a wide strapped bodice. The back is secured with a velcro stripe. All exposed edges have been zig-zag stitched to prevent fraying. The bodice seams have been topstitched.

Blue Hibiscus and Lime Green with Flowers (one of each available)

Strappy Hawaiian Sundress created from a Liberty Jane pattern.

This sundress has a gathered skirt and a strappy shoulder on the bodice. The back is secured with a velcro stripe and all exposed seams have been zig-zag stitched to prevent fraying. Bodice seams have been topstitched.

Red Strawberries and Black with White Daisies (one of each available)

Simple Sundress

These sundresses have an a-line skirt. The bodice has wide shoulder straps. The back is secured with a velcro stripe and all exposed seams have been zig-zag stitched to prevent fraying. The bodice seams have been top stitched.

Pink with vined flowers and Purple with polka dots (one of each available)
$10 ****Pink and Purple are both SOLD!***

Pillow Case Sundress inspired by a Liberty Jane Pattern

This sundress is a straight-down dress. The straps in the neckline casing have been stitched in place so that the straps do not get pulled out. At the bottom of the dress, a sparkly lace trim has been sewn on. This is a shorter sundress for your doll.

Purple with polka dots and Red with Polka dots (one each available)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Drawstring Bag pic

Here is my promised picture of my twins wearing their drawstring bags!

New projects finished!

Well, I have been able to finish up two new projects today!

I had a customer who was interested in a layering piece to go with outfits for her baby girl. She was looking for a onsie-style outfit that had fitted long sleeves and long legs but all that she could find in stores were ones with baggy arms and legs. I'll have to admit, I am not a fan of working with knits but I was up for a challenge. I started off with a pattern for a full outfit and ended up tailoring it to my customer's needs. I think the three outfits turned out pretty well! They are getting shipped out tomorrow so I'll soon see if they fit fine!

Next, I had to make something for my own girls. We are going on a cruise in a few weeks and my twins will have to carry their own luggage. Backpacks are a great way to stuff miscellaneous items away but my girls are so small and backpacks are so large it would just be too much for them to haul around. I was wanting a smaller bag that would not only fit a lot of their trinkets for during the plane ride but also one that would be good to walk around with during the days when we are off the ship. I love the idea of drawstring bags; I have seen so many teens wearing them! So I let the girls pick out their own fabrics for their bags. This was a simple project; the most time was spent on getting the rope straps adjusted in their places so I could sew the fabric around them at the top. This is Ms. E's bag. When I get both of the girls together later on today, I'll get a picture of them with their bags on.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Doll Robes have been completed!

My Ms. E and Ms. J have had their 18" My Generation Doll for a while now. They keep begging for clothes for them. They want dresses, pajamas, robes, coats, pants, anything! But I have been so busy making other items that doll clothes have been put to the wayside. Well, I decided to make some time to create a start of my 18" Doll Clothes line. I started with flannel robes.

My flannel doll robes are made with a color coordinating edging along the neck line and arm holes. The tie is sewn onto the side seams so you don't have to worry about loosing another small doll accessory. All exposed seams have been zig-zag stitched so it doesn't fray. These robes are also machine washable if they happen to get dirty.

Many of the robes are one-of-a-kinds. Some I am able to get more material for. The gymnastics one I have lots of material left so I can make many more of those. I would assume that robe will be popular since this year's 2012 American Doll is a gymnast!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Spring/Summer Skirts 2012

Time to think about spring! Light colors, lightweight fabrics, skirts, and Easter time. I have several new prints, this spring, for my 3-tiered little girl skirts. These skirts are of moderate length; they are designed to fall just above the knee. So there is no worry about short-short skirts! The skirts are made of either a 100% cotton or a cotton/polyester blend material. There are three tiers of material; each tier is wider than the tier above it so it makes for a very full skirt. The waist is held up with a length of elastic. At the waist in the front, a decorative tie has been sewn on. It is just a decorative bow and does nothing for making the skirt tighter. These in stock skirts are $25 each.

These skirts would look great for dressing up in for the spring holidays or for church service. You can pair the skirts with a long or short sleeved shirt, a light weight sweater, and tights with dress shoes. Your girl could also wear them every day to school; wear some leggings, a fun T-shirt, and some canvas sneakers.

I have made each of the prints in 3 sizes.
Size 3/4: girl waist size 21" and skirt length 12"
Size 5/6: girl waist size 22" and skirt length 15"
Size 7/8: girl waist size 23-1/2" and skirt length 17"

Aqua Blue with Paisley Print (cotton/polyester blend)
Light Blue with Flowers (100% cotton)
Pale Green with White Flowers and Green Butterflies (100% cotton)
Olive Green with Pink Roses (100% cotton)
Purple with Clover-like flowers (100% cotton)
Yellow with White Daisies (100% cotton)
And of course I had to add in a picture of my Ms. J and Ms. E wearing their spring skirts!

Email me at TEJACrafts @ if you are interested in these skirts or would like one custom made for you!