Monday, December 12, 2011

Newest custom creations

A few days ago, I was contacted by a gal in my town. She had an idea for Christmas gifts for her girls but didn't have enough time to create it herself. So I came to the rescue! The gal had bought material for accessories for her girls' American Girl Dolls. I had to sew up sleeping bags, pillows, garment bags, and a carry bag for 2 dolls. I have just done a little bit of sewing for 18" dolls by making some outfits for my own daughters' My Generation Dolls so these accessories were new to me to make. It was so much fun! I am so pleased with how well they all turned out!

The sleeping bag is made with a main outer material, a layer of batting, and a layer of contrasting inner material. There are ribbon ties at the foot of the bag so the bag can be rolled up. There is also a small stuffed pillow to go with it.

The garment bag is long enough to carry the doll's long dresses! It is made with a main cotton material on the outside, a layer of batting (on the backside only) and the contrasting inner material. The outer edge of the bag is top stitched down. The front of the bag has a zipper down the entire length. Inside the bag, there is a ribbon hanging down from the top where 2 stuffed hangers can attach to it. The hangers are able to hold your doll outfits and snaps onto the hanging ribbon.

The carry on bag can carry all your doll's accessories. It is made of the main outer material, a layer of batting, and inner contrasting material. On both sides of the bag, there is a pocket running the entire length. There is elastic at the top of the pocket. Ribbon handles are securely sewn onto the sides of the bag. The top edge of the bag is topstitched down and there is a velcro tab that holds the bag top together.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cloth Diapering

You would think that after using disposable diapers with 3 kids and with 1 yr on a 4th, I'd just continue with disposables and not think about cloth diapering. Well, I got approached by someone questioning whether I make cloth diapers. The answer was 'no' but just because I don't cloth diaper, that certainly doesn't mean that I wouldn't make any. Of course, if I make something, I need to have it tested out! So....I decided to take on the task of cloth diapering.

I read some websites regarding what types of diapers are out there (remember I have no clue about them!), read about different materials, and all about soakers. Then I decided to buy material. Good thing I only looked at a few sites to buy material from at first! There are so many cute PUL materials out there! I would have had so much fun shopping around! But I limited my self to just 2 outer material prints with the goal of making just 4 diapers to start off with. Then I had to think about what to have in the diapers' interior. I needed a material that would wick the wetness away from my baby's bottom. I settled on an anti-pill fleece and a suedecloth. I loved how soft the suedecloth was feeling so I started that one first.

I made one with a suedecloth interior and one fleece to start with. 2 days ago, I started with the cloth diapering. Baby really could have cared less what was on his bottom. But it soon was noticable to me which I liked better. The fleece was so soft and I had a hard time telling when baby was wetting it; it really was getting the wetness away from him! Then I tried the suedecloth with high hopes because of how I loved the feel of it. To tell you the truth, I really do not like it as an interior material. Yes, the material was good at keeping Baby's bottom dry but Baby's skin was super hot! The suedecloth didn't seem to 'breath' well and his skin seemed quite uncomfortablly hot whenever I changed him. No more suede for him. I made up the remaining 2 diapers with the fleece interior.

I need some more work on the soakers. I need to make them a bit wider and longer (I'm folding them in half lengthwise and putting them in a 'V' for now to compensate) I don't have any pics yet as I've been too busy with the other kiddies activities. I promise to get some up soon!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Collection #23

Collection #22

Monday, July 11, 2011

Crocheted Doll Hats

Last week, my twin girls 'E' and 'J' got all their birthday money and money they had saved a long time and they bought their own "big girl" dolls.  At first, they had wanted American Girl Dolls.  But I had reservations about them spending $100+ on just a doll.  I asked them why the wanted an American Girl doll specifically and they said that they liked the accessories that the AG dolls had.  So I investigated a bit and told them about the Our Generation Dolls at Target; basicly a knock off version of the AG dolls (nothing against the AG dolls; I really like them also!). 

The Our Generation Dolls and AG dolls are basicly the same size, can use eachother's accessories, and can wear just about all of eachothers clothes.  The biggest difference between the two brands of dolls is their hair.  The AG doll has good quality hair where as the OG doll's hair gets matted more easily and seems to be a bit more difficult to take care of.  I thought about how well my twins take care of their dolls (dolls get hauled all over, dragging heads on the floor, hair gets mussed up quickly, and baby brother pokes at their dolls) and figured that the Target Our Generation Doll would be the best option for my 6 year olds at this time.  A trip to Target to look at the dolls and their accessories was all it took to convince my girls not to spend their money on an AG doll! 

Now that their dolls are home, the next thing my girls did was make me a laundry list of outfits that I need to make for them!  Funny how my girls overlooked all the doll outfits at the store and just assume that I will make them all! lol!  They want their dolls to have flowergirl dresses just like my girls wore for a wedding they were just in, they want skirts, and crocheted hats.

The first task I took on was the hats.  I took my existing crocheted hat pattern which I created and altered it a bit so that it would fit onto the OG doll.  My girls were estatic to see that I put together hats that matched their own!

Disregard how the pastel hat looks on the doll; the doll is wearing her hair in a bun! ;-) 

I would love to make a matching set for your little girl and her doll!  Or even just a single hat for each!  You can find me on FB ( or email me at

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hurray for Homemade!

I have a bit of spare time so I can (finally) write about a wonderful wedding my family was a part of!  And there were many handmade aspects in it!

My 6yr old twin girls 'E' and 'J' were asked to be flower girls at our friends' wedding. 

On Friday evening, my girls got to show off their fun sundresses during the wedding rehearsal.  A few weeks ago, E and J complained that their old sundresses were way too short (the length was just at their knees!)  They wanted new dresses that were much longer.  BTW, how many parents have little girls who want their dresses longer and not short?  Not sure how long that will last for!  Anyways, I took them to the store and they got to pick out the material they wanted and I created their cute dresses!

On Saturday afternoon, we all gathered at the church for pictures.  E and J did super well with all the pictures they were asked to take.  The whole wedding party was stunning!  The bride wore a form-fitted ivory dress, the bridesmaids wore sharp black dresses, and the men of the wedding party dressed in tuxes with brown-gold vests.  E and J's flower girls dresses matched with the bridesmaids.  If you read some of my older blog posts, I describe how I made them.  Basicly, it was a long, white, strappy dress and a black lace cumberbun/sash.  I had to alter the pattern to accomodate my adding in the cumberbun. 
Not only did I make the twins their flowergirl dresses, I also made my own.  After having my 4th child, none of my dressy clothes fit me any more.  I have a hard time finding anything at the store that will fit me properly or even a print I like.  So, I do what I do best...made a trip to my fabric store to find material!  I already had a dress pattern that I've used before and liked.  I found some cute flowery material to make the dress.  I spent a lot of time altering the pattern so that the dress would fit me well.  I also added in a 2nd layer on the inside of the dress for the lining.

Next was the accessories.  The twins needed something for their hair and I also needed a necklace/earring set.  I have worked with WingsOfFlutter in the past so I went to her again.  (it also helps that she lives in the same town I live in! lol!)  So WingsOfFlutter got some custom order requests.  I gave her some of the material I had left over from E and J's dresses and Shellie created 2 sets of yo-yo hair clips.  They are white hair clips with the satin yo-yo flowers added to them.  On top of the flower is a white button.  Super cute!  The hair clips looked great in the girls' hair!  Now, they can't wait to wear them to school on uniform days! 
Just a week before the wedding, I came to WingsOfFlutter for what I thought was an impossible request; I needed a necklace and a pair of earrings to match my dress.  Shellie works with vintage pieces and recreated new jewelry fashions so I knew that she may not have much on hand that would work with the colors I wanted.  But guess what?  She created an awesome set with stuff she already had!  I am pretty picky with styles and we talked back and forth about what I wanted.  Shellie is AWESOME and was able to create a stunning set for me!  Translucent light green and auburn beads were put together with a gold chain.  I love the set!  Thanks so much, WingsOfFlutter!

Hurray for Homemade!  E, J, and I were able to participate in a wedding wearing unique dresses and accessories that were handmade by me (TEJA) and WingsOfFlutter.  Awesome showings!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Off the TEJA path

I have taken a short bit of time today to do a project that is not TEJA related.

I have a cousin who graduated high school this month and will be heading over to the University of Wisconson - Eau Claire.  I wanted to make something that she could use while in college.  I thought I'd try a tie-pillow.  I bought a 14x14" pillow form and got enough fleece fabric to cover the pillow with several inches on each side to spare.  UW-Eau Claire's colors are blue and yellow so I have blue on one side and yellow on the other.  Tie up the slits on the sides and you get a multi-colored pillow!  I thought I'd then add on 'UWEC' to the front of the pillow.  But after going onto the university's website, I found the school's logo and thought I'd give that a try instead.  I hot glued the fleece logo onto the pillow top.  It isn't completely perfect but I'm pleased with it!
Well, then my 11yr old son saw this pillow.  He commented on how soft and comfy it was!  Then he said it would make an awesome travel pillow and he wanted one in his school district's colors and logo!  I mentioned to him that if he would use it as a travel pillow, it would get dirty easily and I wouldn't want to machine wash the pillow since I would plan on glueing on his school's logo.  So, with out missing a beat, he said, "Mom, you could just sew it on!"  Duh!  I sew so why not sew the logos or letters on?  So I guess I'll just have to make my son a pillow to see how sewing the letters on will look like!

Well, if you are interested in getting a custom order of this pillow with your child's school colors, let me know!  I would be making the pillows with a 12"x12" pillow form and block lettering.  I would be open to creating a very basic logo like the one in the picture but no animals or anything difficult.  Let me know.  $20 plus shipping (not sure what that exact price is but I'm estimating it may be about $6.50?)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Flower Girl dresses are completed!

Flower girl dresses are completed! Well, at least the sewing part is...I still have to iron it all down. The wedding will be occuring in the end of June so I figured I needed to finish with the hemming and straps. I had an extra incentive; the bridal shower was yesterday and the bride-to-be hadn't seen the dresses yet! I wanted her to see the finished product. So Friday night I spent a few hours hemming and sewing. Everything turned out so well! My twins are excited and want to keep parading around in their dresses! But the dresses shall stay hung up in a closet until next month.
Oh, and please overlook the forlorn looking girls in the picture. They were having a difficult afternoon... And between school, running around in mud puddles, and other activities, I don't have much of a chance to get their pics when they are freshly showered and clean! ;-)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Collection #21