Sunday, May 22, 2011

Flower Girl dresses are completed!

Flower girl dresses are completed! Well, at least the sewing part is...I still have to iron it all down. The wedding will be occuring in the end of June so I figured I needed to finish with the hemming and straps. I had an extra incentive; the bridal shower was yesterday and the bride-to-be hadn't seen the dresses yet! I wanted her to see the finished product. So Friday night I spent a few hours hemming and sewing. Everything turned out so well! My twins are excited and want to keep parading around in their dresses! But the dresses shall stay hung up in a closet until next month.
Oh, and please overlook the forlorn looking girls in the picture. They were having a difficult afternoon... And between school, running around in mud puddles, and other activities, I don't have much of a chance to get their pics when they are freshly showered and clean! ;-)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Collection #21

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ladies Skirts

I spent the past few days getting material and creating a skirt for myself. I had wanted a longer tiered skirt for the warm months that are ahead but not a short one because I do a lot of running around with my baby. I have a lack of choices in the small town I live in so I headed off to my local fabric store to check out material options! Way too many choices for me to choose from! Price did factor into my decision. Sometimes, it is cheaper to get a well made, store-bought item than to make it yourself! Thank goodness for 40% coupons and frequent sales on material!
The 5-tiered skirt pattern I chose required 4-3/4 yds of material. By looking at how the pattern was laid out to cut and the dimensions, I figured I may be able to get by with less but ended up getting all the required amount.
As I was sewing my dress up, I came to realize that the model in the pattern's picture must be about 6 feet tall as the 5 tiers on the skirt come to mid shin for her. After I had sewn on just 4 tiers on my skirt, it was about that length for me. If I was to add on the 5th tier, the skirt would have been just above my ankles! So, I stuck with the 4 tiers.
After 2 hours of sewing, I am pleased with my new skirt!

Are you interested in having me custom make a skirt for you? Here is the information about the skirt.
4-tiered length is about 26" long
5-tiered length is about 30" long
The cost of the skirt will be $25 for labor plus the cost of material. The material cost has many factors: the number of tiers, whether you want the skirt right now (would possibly have to pay full price for the material if it isn't on sale or I can't find a good deal), or if you can wait a week or so (for material to go on sale or me finding deals/coupons), and lastly, the kind of material you would like (huge range from $8-14 per yard!). So, the material-cost range could be anywhere from $16-$56!!! Please note that I do everything I can to bring down the cost of materials and that reduction in cost gets passed on to you. The skirt I just made myself would cost $42 when adding in labor prices (and that is with a great coupon!)
Let me know if you would like this and I'd love to work something out for you!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Collection #20!