Saturday, April 9, 2011

Flower Girl Dresses #5

The hardest parts are now behind me! Zippers are a challenge when trying to get seam edges straight and having turned up hems on either side of the zipper to match. Also, attaching skirts to bodices are quite time consuming when you have to cinch it all up!

Today, I was able to get both bodices attached to their skirts. There are 2 layers of skirt; the satin dress material and a layer of tulle. The tulle layer was a bit wider than the satin in hopes to make it more poofy. So I had to cinch the tulle up to match the width of the skirt. Sewed that together. Then I had to cinch up the skirt/tulle combo so that it could match the width of the bodice. That took the longest. The skirts got really bunched up with all the excess material!

I figured that since I was on a roll, I may as well get the zippers done and over with. I had to rip out one of the 4 seams as I had sewn the material too close to the zipper and it wouldn't open. I had to go over the seams quite a few times to get it to look just right. I tell you, every time I get a zipper in real well, I get so excited! It doesn't matter if it is one of these flower girl dresses or my baby car seat covers! Just to see that I had put in that zipper gives me quite a sense of accomplishment!

I took pics of how the dress looks so far. It is such a perfect fit!

I still have quite a bit to do on the dresses. I have to hand-tack down the bodice lining to the inside. I have to top stitch on both sides of the zippers, attach the straps to the back side of the bodice, and chop off/hem up the bottom as it is about 8" too long! So far, I have 5-1/2 hours put into both of these dresses and I'm very pleased with the results!


  1. It looks great! You'll have such a sense of accomplishment when you're finished and your girls look nearly as pretty as the bride :)


  2. How beautiful! Here is a hint when cutting tulle, if the edge is going to show and needs to be perfectly straight, use a mirror! Lay the tulle on a mirror and look into the mirror while'll be amazed how straight the cut will be;)

  3. You are doing an amazing job with those dresses! I can't wait to see your girls all dressed up! :)

  4. What a great job you're doing. I used to make clothes for my girls when they were little. It was so much fun.

  5. You sure are very talented and of course a mulitasker :))

  6. Oh what amazement! Honey, I've got chills with this latest blog installment! You ROCK! Love Em/ExquisiteStudios