Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Busy times!

Boy, have I been on a roll these past weeks! I used to have a very tall pile of cut out material staring at me on my sewing table. Last week, I finished up 20 baby car seat covers and that pile is no longer there! I spent quite a bit of time taking pictures of them and listing them on Artfire. I use my little boy as a 'model' for the boy and gender neutral car seat covers and I was looking over past pictures as well as current ones. Quite a time-lapse! It is interesting to see the changes in my little baby over the past few months! I think I'll have to quickly make some more car seat covers and get pictures of them before my baby gets too big to model them!
Car Seat Cover Example

I also spent yesterday listing more Baby Co-Z's Sleep Sacks. I already had fleece ones listed. Those are great for the winter time (my baby loves to stay warm in his!). The ones I added are double layer flannel ones. These will be good to wear just like a light weight blanket. If you have the AC on in the summer, your baby could still get chilly at nap and night time. Don't cover them with a blanket; they could wiggle around and get caught up in it or get their face covered with the blanket. The flannel Baby Co-Z's will be a great alternative!
New Flannel Baby Co-Z's

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