Monday, March 21, 2011

Slowing down

I am caught up on all sewing and yarn projects, I have taken pictures of all my items, all items are listed, I set up shop on Zibbet (can't have all my eggs in one basket!), and one craft show is behind me. Now I have time to slow down and do some projects for my own family! When I started making my crocheted fashion hats, my twin girls E & J have been really wanting one! I need to sit down with them and let them rummage through my yarn stash to see what they would like used for their own hats. Now that it is no longer tundra weather in MN, Baby A is too warm in his fleece Baby Co-Z's. I am going to the store today to get some cute flannel material for his spring/summer Baby Co-Z's. Hubby has worn thru his flannel pants that I made eons ago. He doesn't like how commercial flannel pants fit on him so I'll be making a pair for him. My oldest, T, wants a matching pj top to go with his skull fleece pants. I already have the material so I just need to whip that up. Then, for the big project...E and J are flower girls in June. I have material for their dresses sitting in my closet. I'll have to start getting those together! I shall be blogging about my making those dresses. I look forward to that!

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