Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Off the TEJA path

I have taken a short bit of time today to do a project that is not TEJA related.

I have a cousin who graduated high school this month and will be heading over to the University of Wisconson - Eau Claire.  I wanted to make something that she could use while in college.  I thought I'd try a tie-pillow.  I bought a 14x14" pillow form and got enough fleece fabric to cover the pillow with several inches on each side to spare.  UW-Eau Claire's colors are blue and yellow so I have blue on one side and yellow on the other.  Tie up the slits on the sides and you get a multi-colored pillow!  I thought I'd then add on 'UWEC' to the front of the pillow.  But after going onto the university's website, I found the school's logo and thought I'd give that a try instead.  I hot glued the fleece logo onto the pillow top.  It isn't completely perfect but I'm pleased with it!
Well, then my 11yr old son saw this pillow.  He commented on how soft and comfy it was!  Then he said it would make an awesome travel pillow and he wanted one in his school district's colors and logo!  I mentioned to him that if he would use it as a travel pillow, it would get dirty easily and I wouldn't want to machine wash the pillow since I would plan on glueing on his school's logo.  So, with out missing a beat, he said, "Mom, you could just sew it on!"  Duh!  I sew so why not sew the logos or letters on?  So I guess I'll just have to make my son a pillow to see how sewing the letters on will look like!

Well, if you are interested in getting a custom order of this pillow with your child's school colors, let me know!  I would be making the pillows with a 12"x12" pillow form and block lettering.  I would be open to creating a very basic logo like the one in the picture but no animals or anything difficult.  Let me know.  $20 plus shipping (not sure what that exact price is but I'm estimating it may be about $6.50?)

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