Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hurray for Homemade!

I have a bit of spare time so I can (finally) write about a wonderful wedding my family was a part of!  And there were many handmade aspects in it!

My 6yr old twin girls 'E' and 'J' were asked to be flower girls at our friends' wedding. 

On Friday evening, my girls got to show off their fun sundresses during the wedding rehearsal.  A few weeks ago, E and J complained that their old sundresses were way too short (the length was just at their knees!)  They wanted new dresses that were much longer.  BTW, how many parents have little girls who want their dresses longer and not short?  Not sure how long that will last for!  Anyways, I took them to the store and they got to pick out the material they wanted and I created their cute dresses!

On Saturday afternoon, we all gathered at the church for pictures.  E and J did super well with all the pictures they were asked to take.  The whole wedding party was stunning!  The bride wore a form-fitted ivory dress, the bridesmaids wore sharp black dresses, and the men of the wedding party dressed in tuxes with brown-gold vests.  E and J's flower girls dresses matched with the bridesmaids.  If you read some of my older blog posts, I describe how I made them.  Basicly, it was a long, white, strappy dress and a black lace cumberbun/sash.  I had to alter the pattern to accomodate my adding in the cumberbun. 
Not only did I make the twins their flowergirl dresses, I also made my own.  After having my 4th child, none of my dressy clothes fit me any more.  I have a hard time finding anything at the store that will fit me properly or even a print I like.  So, I do what I do best...made a trip to my fabric store to find material!  I already had a dress pattern that I've used before and liked.  I found some cute flowery material to make the dress.  I spent a lot of time altering the pattern so that the dress would fit me well.  I also added in a 2nd layer on the inside of the dress for the lining.

Next was the accessories.  The twins needed something for their hair and I also needed a necklace/earring set.  I have worked with WingsOfFlutter in the past so I went to her again.  (it also helps that she lives in the same town I live in! lol!)  So WingsOfFlutter got some custom order requests.  I gave her some of the material I had left over from E and J's dresses and Shellie created 2 sets of yo-yo hair clips.  They are white hair clips with the satin yo-yo flowers added to them.  On top of the flower is a white button.  Super cute!  The hair clips looked great in the girls' hair!  Now, they can't wait to wear them to school on uniform days! 
Just a week before the wedding, I came to WingsOfFlutter for what I thought was an impossible request; I needed a necklace and a pair of earrings to match my dress.  Shellie works with vintage pieces and recreated new jewelry fashions so I knew that she may not have much on hand that would work with the colors I wanted.  But guess what?  She created an awesome set with stuff she already had!  I am pretty picky with styles and we talked back and forth about what I wanted.  Shellie is AWESOME and was able to create a stunning set for me!  Translucent light green and auburn beads were put together with a gold chain.  I love the set!  Thanks so much, WingsOfFlutter!

Hurray for Homemade!  E, J, and I were able to participate in a wedding wearing unique dresses and accessories that were handmade by me (TEJA) and WingsOfFlutter.  Awesome showings!!!


  1. I am LOVING these TEJA! Extraordinary work and then you top if off with WingsOfFlutter's Hair Clips! Hutchinson certainly has the goods when it comes to exceptional artistry in their town! Emily/ExquisiteStudios

  2. BEAUTIFUL Girls, and beautiful dresses. You did a GREAT job!!!

  3. I have honored you with a blogger award, because I think your blog is great. See my post here: