Monday, July 11, 2011

Crocheted Doll Hats

Last week, my twin girls 'E' and 'J' got all their birthday money and money they had saved a long time and they bought their own "big girl" dolls.  At first, they had wanted American Girl Dolls.  But I had reservations about them spending $100+ on just a doll.  I asked them why the wanted an American Girl doll specifically and they said that they liked the accessories that the AG dolls had.  So I investigated a bit and told them about the Our Generation Dolls at Target; basicly a knock off version of the AG dolls (nothing against the AG dolls; I really like them also!). 

The Our Generation Dolls and AG dolls are basicly the same size, can use eachother's accessories, and can wear just about all of eachothers clothes.  The biggest difference between the two brands of dolls is their hair.  The AG doll has good quality hair where as the OG doll's hair gets matted more easily and seems to be a bit more difficult to take care of.  I thought about how well my twins take care of their dolls (dolls get hauled all over, dragging heads on the floor, hair gets mussed up quickly, and baby brother pokes at their dolls) and figured that the Target Our Generation Doll would be the best option for my 6 year olds at this time.  A trip to Target to look at the dolls and their accessories was all it took to convince my girls not to spend their money on an AG doll! 

Now that their dolls are home, the next thing my girls did was make me a laundry list of outfits that I need to make for them!  Funny how my girls overlooked all the doll outfits at the store and just assume that I will make them all! lol!  They want their dolls to have flowergirl dresses just like my girls wore for a wedding they were just in, they want skirts, and crocheted hats.

The first task I took on was the hats.  I took my existing crocheted hat pattern which I created and altered it a bit so that it would fit onto the OG doll.  My girls were estatic to see that I put together hats that matched their own!

Disregard how the pastel hat looks on the doll; the doll is wearing her hair in a bun! ;-) 

I would love to make a matching set for your little girl and her doll!  Or even just a single hat for each!  You can find me on FB ( or email me at

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