Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cloth Diapering

You would think that after using disposable diapers with 3 kids and with 1 yr on a 4th, I'd just continue with disposables and not think about cloth diapering. Well, I got approached by someone questioning whether I make cloth diapers. The answer was 'no' but just because I don't cloth diaper, that certainly doesn't mean that I wouldn't make any. Of course, if I make something, I need to have it tested out! So....I decided to take on the task of cloth diapering.

I read some websites regarding what types of diapers are out there (remember I have no clue about them!), read about different materials, and all about soakers. Then I decided to buy material. Good thing I only looked at a few sites to buy material from at first! There are so many cute PUL materials out there! I would have had so much fun shopping around! But I limited my self to just 2 outer material prints with the goal of making just 4 diapers to start off with. Then I had to think about what to have in the diapers' interior. I needed a material that would wick the wetness away from my baby's bottom. I settled on an anti-pill fleece and a suedecloth. I loved how soft the suedecloth was feeling so I started that one first.

I made one with a suedecloth interior and one fleece to start with. 2 days ago, I started with the cloth diapering. Baby really could have cared less what was on his bottom. But it soon was noticable to me which I liked better. The fleece was so soft and I had a hard time telling when baby was wetting it; it really was getting the wetness away from him! Then I tried the suedecloth with high hopes because of how I loved the feel of it. To tell you the truth, I really do not like it as an interior material. Yes, the material was good at keeping Baby's bottom dry but Baby's skin was super hot! The suedecloth didn't seem to 'breath' well and his skin seemed quite uncomfortablly hot whenever I changed him. No more suede for him. I made up the remaining 2 diapers with the fleece interior.

I need some more work on the soakers. I need to make them a bit wider and longer (I'm folding them in half lengthwise and putting them in a 'V' for now to compensate) I don't have any pics yet as I've been too busy with the other kiddies activities. I promise to get some up soon!

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  1. I remember using those types of covers when I had my babies. I sure would have been interested in some hand made by another mom! Good luck!