Monday, December 12, 2011

Newest custom creations

A few days ago, I was contacted by a gal in my town. She had an idea for Christmas gifts for her girls but didn't have enough time to create it herself. So I came to the rescue! The gal had bought material for accessories for her girls' American Girl Dolls. I had to sew up sleeping bags, pillows, garment bags, and a carry bag for 2 dolls. I have just done a little bit of sewing for 18" dolls by making some outfits for my own daughters' My Generation Dolls so these accessories were new to me to make. It was so much fun! I am so pleased with how well they all turned out!

The sleeping bag is made with a main outer material, a layer of batting, and a layer of contrasting inner material. There are ribbon ties at the foot of the bag so the bag can be rolled up. There is also a small stuffed pillow to go with it.

The garment bag is long enough to carry the doll's long dresses! It is made with a main cotton material on the outside, a layer of batting (on the backside only) and the contrasting inner material. The outer edge of the bag is top stitched down. The front of the bag has a zipper down the entire length. Inside the bag, there is a ribbon hanging down from the top where 2 stuffed hangers can attach to it. The hangers are able to hold your doll outfits and snaps onto the hanging ribbon.

The carry on bag can carry all your doll's accessories. It is made of the main outer material, a layer of batting, and inner contrasting material. On both sides of the bag, there is a pocket running the entire length. There is elastic at the top of the pocket. Ribbon handles are securely sewn onto the sides of the bag. The top edge of the bag is topstitched down and there is a velcro tab that holds the bag top together.

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