Monday, February 20, 2012

Doll Robes have been completed!

My Ms. E and Ms. J have had their 18" My Generation Doll for a while now. They keep begging for clothes for them. They want dresses, pajamas, robes, coats, pants, anything! But I have been so busy making other items that doll clothes have been put to the wayside. Well, I decided to make some time to create a start of my 18" Doll Clothes line. I started with flannel robes.

My flannel doll robes are made with a color coordinating edging along the neck line and arm holes. The tie is sewn onto the side seams so you don't have to worry about loosing another small doll accessory. All exposed seams have been zig-zag stitched so it doesn't fray. These robes are also machine washable if they happen to get dirty.

Many of the robes are one-of-a-kinds. Some I am able to get more material for. The gymnastics one I have lots of material left so I can make many more of those. I would assume that robe will be popular since this year's 2012 American Doll is a gymnast!

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