Monday, February 13, 2012

Spring/Summer Skirts 2012

Time to think about spring! Light colors, lightweight fabrics, skirts, and Easter time. I have several new prints, this spring, for my 3-tiered little girl skirts. These skirts are of moderate length; they are designed to fall just above the knee. So there is no worry about short-short skirts! The skirts are made of either a 100% cotton or a cotton/polyester blend material. There are three tiers of material; each tier is wider than the tier above it so it makes for a very full skirt. The waist is held up with a length of elastic. At the waist in the front, a decorative tie has been sewn on. It is just a decorative bow and does nothing for making the skirt tighter. These in stock skirts are $25 each.

These skirts would look great for dressing up in for the spring holidays or for church service. You can pair the skirts with a long or short sleeved shirt, a light weight sweater, and tights with dress shoes. Your girl could also wear them every day to school; wear some leggings, a fun T-shirt, and some canvas sneakers.

I have made each of the prints in 3 sizes.
Size 3/4: girl waist size 21" and skirt length 12"
Size 5/6: girl waist size 22" and skirt length 15"
Size 7/8: girl waist size 23-1/2" and skirt length 17"

Aqua Blue with Paisley Print (cotton/polyester blend)
Light Blue with Flowers (100% cotton)
Pale Green with White Flowers and Green Butterflies (100% cotton)
Olive Green with Pink Roses (100% cotton)
Purple with Clover-like flowers (100% cotton)
Yellow with White Daisies (100% cotton)
And of course I had to add in a picture of my Ms. J and Ms. E wearing their spring skirts!

Email me at TEJACrafts @ if you are interested in these skirts or would like one custom made for you!

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